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Monday, December 17, 2012

Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 48/49/50, 2012

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
A bi-weekly, non-comprehensive roundup
of news of beer and other things.

Weeks 48/49/50
25 November - 15 December 2012

  • 2012.12.13
    7,500-year old evidence of cheese-making found in Poland. Via Reuters.

  • 2012.12.13
    N. Joseph Woodland, the creator of the barcode, has died at age 91. Via AP.

  • 2012.12.12
    Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar dies at 92. Via Minnesota Public Radio.

    Hop bines @Legend (02)
  • 2012.12.12
    New study finds that humulone found in beer (from hops) can prevent the common cold. Amount needed? 30 'standard' beers. Via Yahoo News.

  • 2012.12.12
    Pete Brown, author of "Shakeseare's Local," wins U.K. Beer Writer of the Year ... for the second time.

  • 2012.12.07
    Seventy-one years ago today: the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. "A date which will live in infamy." Via Wikipedia.

  • 2012.12.05
    Jazz legend Dave Brubeck dies one day before turning 92. Via Minnesota Public Radio.

  • 2012.12.05
    It was 79 years ago today that the 18th Amendment -Prohibition- was repealed by passage of the 21st. Via Wikipedia.

  • 2012.12.05
    France proposes 160% increase on beer excise taxes. Via New York Times.

  • 2012.12.03
    "The cultural character of a place." An appeal to UNESCO to grant London’s pubs world heritage status. Via The Drinks Business.

    Cloudy cask!
  • 2012.12.03
    An ex-pat British brewer in the U.S. argues against cloudy cask-conditioned beer. Via Pratt Street Ale House.

  • 2012.12.03
    Archaeologists discover remains of 3,500 year-old malt kiln and brewery in Cyprus. Via Belfast Telegraph.

  • 2012.11.29
    New study says eating meat —and cooking meals— were evolutionary advantages for human brain development. Via Washington Post.

  • 2012.11.27
    Burgundy's 2012 harvest very small; prices expected to spike. Via NPR News.

  • 2012.11.27
    Burgundy's 2012 harvest very small; prices expected to spike. Via NPR News.

  • Clamps and Gaskets is a weekly wrap-up of stories  not posted at Yours For Good Fermentables.com. Most deal with beer (or wine, or whisky); some do not. But all are brief, and many are re-posts from twitter.com/cizauskas.
  • The Clamps and Gaskets graphic was created by Mike Licht at NotionsCapital.

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