Saturday, January 05, 2013

Comings & goings of Virginia brewers.

Small-scale brewing tends not to be a secure occupation.

A few weeks ago, I reported on the resignation of Mike McCarthy from the Capitol City Brewing Company, of northern Virginia. I haven't received comment from the brewery, so, from, here's confirmation of a sort.

Capitol City Brewing Company, the first brewpub in the Nation's Capital, has an opening for Head Brewer [in Shirlingon, Virginia]. In operation for more than 20 years, we are looking for a skilled and committed brewer who can carry on the fine tradition we have built. You must have four years of experience working in a brewery as well as the technical degree commensurate with this position.

  • More on the position: here.

  • UPDATE (7 January 2013): The Washington Post interviews Mike McCarthy, and reports that long-time assistant brewer Travis Tedrow will also be leaving, to open a Gordon-Biersch brewpub near Washington Nationals Park.

    UPDATE (18 January 2013): Kristi Mathews Griner —current brewer at Vintage 50 in Leesburg, Virginia— to accept position as Capitol City Director of Brewing Operations, beginning 15 February. Press release: here.


    "Your retreat from life's everyday battles."

    Further down I-95, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Blue & Gray Brewing Company has also lost its head brewer, and is looking for a replacement.
    The Blue & Gray Brewing Co. of Fredericksburg Va., seeks Head Brewer 30-50 hours a week beginning February 1, 2013. [Me: Yeast never sleeps. 30 hours of work per week? 50 would be more like the minimum to expect!]

    The Blue & Gray Brewing Co. opened a 25 bbl brew house March 17th 2001 in central Virginia (An hour from Washington, DC, and Richmond). Annual production averages around 750 barrels a year. Total capacity approximately 1,250 bbl annually. The brewery is attached to Lee’s Retreat Brewpub, a casual slightly upscale restaurant serving fresh made local produce. We are looking for a dedicated head brewer who can handle all brewing aspects of running a small brewery and brewpub. Brewer works alone and is the primary brewery employee.

  • More on the position: here.

  • ***************

    There's another brewing position available in northern Virginia. Only this is not a replacement job. A successful applicant could be the original brewer for Beltway Brewing, which plans to open in 2013, in Loudoun County. Beltway will be a brewery for other breweries, housing the equipment and expertise to produce beer for breweries that lack their own packaging capability.
    Production brewery dedicated exclusively to partner brewing and contract brewing seeking an experienced professional brewer to brew and oversee the brewing and packaging operations on our new DME 30bbl brewhouse and kegging, canning, and bottling lines.

    Optimal candidate will have extensive experience in packaging brewery operations. Full-time position will be opening in early 2013, optimally ramping up with part-time hours in late 2012. Generous compensation package for individuals properly qualified.

  • More on the position: here.
  • More on Beltway Brewing: here.

  • There are rumors galore about more changes at Cap City, about a 'craft beer' pioneer's exodus from brewing, and about a DC area brewer's move to Florida. Stay tuned.

    And, not to forget the move in October of 2012 of long-time Legend Brewery brewer, Mike Killelea, to new brewery Center of the Universe.

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