Thursday, January 31, 2013

VeggieDag Thursday: Super Bowl XLVII Edition

VeggieDag Thursday
VeggieDag is an occasional Thursday post on an animal-free diet and its issues.

Sunday, it's Super Bowl XLVII. That's forty-seven, 47, for you non-Catholic-schooled mathematicians. In New Orleans, Louisiana, the Baltimore (Maryland) Ravens will play the San Francisco (California) 49ers,  for the championship of the National Football League.

Purple Mr. Boh!

Rooting for:
The Baltimore Ravens, of course.

Drinking, while watching:
Baltimore beer, of course.

Noshing, while drinking:
So many options, but here are a few, keeping them non-animal.

Black Bean spread sandwich (02)

  • Super Bowl noshing: the gluttony by the numbers (and calories). Via The Street.
  • I can't leave the topic of Super Bowl parties without a reference to, ahem, Arsehole Chili.
  • VeggieDag is an occasional Thursday post on vegetarian issues. Why the name? Here.
  • Suggestions and submissions from chefs and homecooks welcomed! Here.
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