Thursday, January 24, 2013

VeggieDag Thursday: Quick links for January

VeggieDag Thursday
VeggieDag is an occasional Thursday post on an animal-free diet and its issues.

Quick links:
  • How No Bull Burger, a small, Charlottesville, Virginia-based, veggie-burger company is handling growth. Via Washington Post Business.

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that animal agriculture responsible for 20% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. Via WAMU.

  • Is non-animal protein enough? Concern that vegetarians go short of protein is misplaced. Via Vegetarian Society.

  • Perfect mashed potatoes. Don't boil, don't use animal products. Do use olive oil. Via Post Punk Kitchen.

  • How to wash vegetables with baking soda and vinegar. Via Happy Herbivore.

  • Nutritional powerhouses in need of better public relations: cabbage, cauliflower, and rutabaga. Recipes via Washington Post Food.

  • Study by Institute of Food Technologists suggests that eating asparagus may alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells against toxins. Via Science Daily.

  • Four recipes for Vegetable Paté. Via Washington Post Food.

  • The 7,500-year old remnants of a cheese-making 'facility' are found in Poland. Via Reuters.

    Mushroom Strudel at Mad Fox Brewing Company
    Mushroom Strudel at Mad Fox Brewing Company

  • The violent and psychotropic history of nutmeg. And a recipe for spinach/nutmeg puree. Via NPR.

  • From Deb Perelman of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: Cole slaw without the cream.

  • New study says eating meat (and cooking) was evolutionary advantage for human brain development. Via Live Science.

  • Say it ain't so. Twinkie-maker, Hostess, may go out of business. Via Dallas Morning News.
  • VeggieDag is an occasional Thursday post on vegetarian and ecological issues. Why the name? Here.
  • Suggestions and submissions from chefs and homecooks welcomed: Here.

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