Friday, March 08, 2013

The Stuff of Legend (Brewing): a crowd-funded film

Legend Brewing will turn twenty in 2014. You can support a documentary about this stalwart Richmond brewery, by contributing to its production, at IndieGoGo, no later than 2 April 2013.

The Stuff of Legend (Brewing)

Here's more, from the production company, Horse Archer Productions:
A year in the life of Legend Brewing, a craft brewery and pub in Richmond, Virginia, as they prepare for their 20th anniversary, add Hopfest to their year round line, take their beers to festivals and navigate the complex world of inter-state distribution laws as they seek to expand their footprint.

Forget glamour and glitz -- we’ll take you inside the real process so you’ll understand the art of beer making as well and capture the story of how this brew has united people-- from professional rock climbers to college professors--who otherwise would not even know one another. And we’ll document the legends of Legend from runaway kegs, to ice storm lock-ins to the showdown between two local rival TV personalities. And perhaps most importantly, we’ll show you just how significant a brewery can be to the local economy and community.

Legend Oktoberfest

If you care about American small business, see the value of the local food movement or just love a great beer, please support this film. When this film is completed it will be Horse Archer Productions’ ninth documentary, so we know how to do this right . . . but we need your help.

The funds will go directly to cover costs associated with production and post-production of the documentary. There are several costs you probably never thought of, from legal fees and insurance to travel expenses, supplies and design work. But, the most important thing is being able to pay our crew fairly. Independent film companies like ours rely on freelance workers who deserve fair compensation. We believe in paying artists.

I'm delighted to see Legend Brewing and its brewmaster, John Wampler —underhyped stars of the Virginia brewing scene— get some well-deserved props. More on the fundraising campaign, which hopes to raise $28,000 by 2 April 2013, at the crowd-funding site, IndieGoGo.

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  • Follow Legend Brewing (there's no 's') at Twitter @LegendBrewingCo; on Facebook; at its website:
  • From a couple of years ago, a look at Legend Brewing on its 17th anniversary: here.
  • Follow Horse Archer Productions at Twitter @horsearcher; on Facebook; at its website:
  • I hope the production company, HorseArcher, drops the clichéd use of the opening fanfare to Richard Strauss' tone poem Also Sprach Zarathustra. The producers have assuaged me that that was used only for the teaser. It will not be soundtrack for the trailer or finished film. Whew!

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