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Monday, March 25, 2013

Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 9/10, 2013.

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
A bi-weekly, non-comprehensive roundup
of news of beer and other things.

Weeks 9/10
24 February 2013 - 9 March 2013

  • 2013.03.09
    Wynkoop Brewing releases Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout in cans. That's bull testicle stout. Via The Full Pint

  • 2013.03.09
    "Alcohol and its role in the evolution of human society" by Ian Hornsey. Book review by A Good Beer Blog.

  • 2013.03.09
    Bamberg, Germany, and its smoked beers. Via Roger Protz.

  • 2013.03.09
    The experiments with tradition at bourbon distillery Buffalo Trace. Via Queen City Drinks.

    Nick's Big Tripel
  • 2013.03.08
    The New York Times takes exception to the "wineification' of beer. The Beermonger takes exception with the New York Times.

  • 2013.03.08
    The 2012 wine vintage in Austria will be well below the yearly average, but the quality is predicted to be high. Via Austrian Wine USA.

  • 2013.03.08
    Twenty beer quotes that may deserve to be better known. Via Zythophile.

  • 2013.03.08
    The Stuff of Legends: a crowd-funded documentary about 19 year-old Legend Brewing of Virginia.

  • 2013.03.04
    The U.S. Brewers Association Association releases new Beer Style Guidelines for 2013: 142(!) styles.

  • 2013.03.03
    Anheuser-Busch InBev begins an ad campaign to combat charges of watering down Budweiser. Via Houston Chronicle.

  • 2013.03.03
    A summary of the rapid growth of the 'craft' beer industry in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Via Richmond Times Dispatch.

  • 2013.03.02
    Craft beer myths that, unfortunately, persist. Via Huffington Post.

  • 2013.03.01
    Is Twitter killing the beer blog? Via Beervana.

    Heurich Wholesome Home Brew
  • 2013.03.01
    The repeal of Prohibition came late to Washington, D.C.: 79 years ago, on 1 March 1934. Via YFGF.

  • 2013.02.27
    Barboursville Vineyards wins the Virginia Governor's Cup for the fourth time. Via Washington Post.

  • 2013.02.27
    The overreaction to Maker's Mark's proof dilution, and un-dilution. Via Washington Post.

    Sweat & Bier
  • 2013.02.27
    Five common draught beer mistakes. Via Micro Matic.

  • 2013.02.25
    What if Prohibition had never happened? Charlie Papazian —founder of American Homebrew Association and Brewers Association— proposes an alternate history of consolidation, tied houses, and little 'craft' beer.

  • 2013.02.24
    Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller own more than 200 brands in 42 countries, including 18 in the U.S. Via NPR.

  • 2013.02.24
    15 breweries and counting. "New York’s Ale Awakening: How a Cocktail City Learned to Love Beer." Via TIME.

  • Clamps and Gaskets is a weekly wrap-up of stories  not posted at Yours For Good Fermentables.com. Most deal with beer (or wine, or whisky); some do not. Most are brief, and many are re-posts from twitter.com/cizauskas.
  • The Clamps and Gaskets graphic was created by Mike Licht at NotionsCapital.

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