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Monday, May 20, 2013

Clamps & Gaskets: News Roundup for Weeks 17/18, 2013.

Clamps and Gaskets: weekly roundup
A bi-weekly, non-comprehensive roundup
of news of beer and other things.

Weeks 17/18
21 April 2013 - 4 May 2013

  • 2013.05.03
    American 'craft' breweries pledge clean brewing and non-wastefull water strategies in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council. Via MSNBC.

  • 2013.05.03
    Income of Boston Beer Company —maker of Samuel Adams beers, and others— rises 20%, but brewery sees stock tumble 11% as earnings fall beneath analysts' expectations. Via CNN.

    H Street by night
  • 2013.05.02
    After a 51 year absence, streetcars return to Washington, D.C. ... but they're not on the rails yet. Via WAMU Radio.

  • 2013.05.01
    Rogue Brewing, of Oregon, sues Washington, D.C. restaurant —Rogue 24— for trademark infringement. Via Tim Carman at Washington Post.

  • 2013.05.01
    Argentina: not just for Malbec anymore? Higher altitude vineyards found appropriate for chardonnay. Via Dave McIntyre of Washington Post.

    Mad Mild (03)
  • 2013.05.01
    May is Mild (Ale) Month, in the U.K. More from CAMRA, the U.K. Campaign for Real Ale. Historical perspective on the campaign from blog Boak and Bailey.

  • 2013.05.01
    Justin Wilson —the 'Spirits' columnist of the Washington Post— writes his final column.

  • 2013.04.30
    Agronomist at John Innes Centre in Norwich, U.K., revives Chevallier barley, once Victorian Britain’s most popular malt variety. Via Martyn Cornell at Zythophile.

    Mick Kipp
  • 2013.04.30
    R.I.P. Mick 'The Pirate' Kipp, Baltimore, Maryland, stuntman, hot sauce entrepreneur, and good beer advocate. Via YFGF.

  • 2013.04.30
    Anheuser-Busch InBev controls five of the world's top six beer brands, is world's largest beer company with a market value of $150 billion. Via CNN.

  • 2013.04.30
    The 2012 vintage in Bordeaux, France was "less than stellar," especially for Cabernet Sauvignon. Via Wine Spectator.

  • 2013.04.29
    First active professional U.S. male athlete comes 'out of the closet': Jason Collins, most recently of the Washington Wizards basketball team. Via Huffington Post.

  • 2013.04.29
    British winemakers credit climate change for boom in bubbly sales. Via Washington Post.

  • 2013.04.28
    Ten books from the 21st century every man should read. At least according to GQ Magazine.

  • 2013.04.26
    Nine-Thirty Club in Washington D.C. named by Rolling Stone Magazine as best best "big room for live music" in U.S. http://rol.st/11HVxBd

  • 2013.04.26
    Country music singer innovator George Jones dies at age 81. Via New York Times.

  • 2013.04.23
    Un, Kono Kuro: a Japanese beer made with coffee beans that have "passed through" an elephant. Via Fox News.

  • 2013.04.23
    One billion cicadas per square mile. Last seen in 1996, "Brood II" cicadas have begun emerging in the mid-Atlantic. Via WAMU Radio.

  • 2013.04.23
    Richie Havens, the folk singer and guitarist who was the first performer at Woodstock, has died at 72. Via Bloomberg.

  • 2013.04.22
    Three-tier system of alcohol production and sales affirmed in Illinois. Law prohibits breweries from owning any percentage of a beer wholesaler. Via BeerPulse.

  • Clamps and Gaskets is a weekly wrap-up of stories  not posted at Yours For Good Fermentables.com. Most deal with beer (or wine, or whisky); some do not. But all are brief, and most are re-posts from twitter.com/cizauskas.
  • The Clamps and Gaskets graphic was created by Mike Licht at NotionsCapital.

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