Friday, September 27, 2013

It's a Mad Fox Hoppy Oktoberfest!

I'm a homer for the home team. Be strong, Washington Nationals. There's always next year.

Likewise, I should be, and I am, a homer for the home brewery. For YFGF, that's Mad Fox Brewing Company, the only brewpub or brewery ever to operate within the city limits of Falls Church, Virginia.

Not only is there 'next year' there, there's here and now' there.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 28 September, Mad Fox celebrates Germany's Oktoberfest, American-style ... or would that be Mad-style?

By the numbers

15 Oktoberfest, Maärzen, and Vienna-style lagers, and 2 altbiers.

For the American 'craft' beer palate: 18 IPAs including a couple of double-IPAs.

15 local breweries participating (from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, but not Washington, D.C.), including host Mad Fox, and one brewery from Vermont.

And, 5 beers from host Mad Fox Brewery:
  • Hitzig Frau Oktoberfest, on draft - 5.6% ABV
  • Two Hemispheres IPA, on draft - 7.0% ABV / 70 IBUs
  • Altbier, cask-conditioned - 5.5% ABV
  • H. Street Belgo IPA, on draft - 7.8% ABV / 28 IBUs
  • Defender APA, cask-conditioned - 5.2% ABV / 60 IBUs
  • Leonidas Batch 300 DIPA, on draft - 8.0% ABV / 100 IBUs
Be thirsty, be hungry, but bring cash. You need to buy tickets for beer and food, and there is no money-machine on-site. More details: here.

Another festival

Of course, there's no real need for me to be a homer for Mad Fox. Its cask ales are spot-on; its beers win many awards. For the third year since opening, the brewery will be participating at the Great American Beer Festival, 10-12 October. This is the premier competition and festival for American beer, held annually in Denver, Colorado. This year 580 breweries are participating (out of approximately 2,538 in the U.S.) with 2,700 beers in 79 beer categories.

Go, Mad Fox!

Photos from the fest: here.

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