Saturday, September 07, 2013

Pic(k) of the Week: Grilling Corn with George Foreman

Grilling Corn with George Foreman (04)

Not really grilling, more akin to cooking on a griddle: two ears of corn get caramelized on a George Foreman Grill. The corn will taste sweeter than if steamed.
  • Step 1. Remove from husk. De-silk.
  • Step 2. Brush with olive oil. Sprinkle with Kosher salt and cracked black pepper.
  • Step 3. Set grill to 375 °F. Cover (as tightly as possible, even though the grill will not close entirely), and grill ears for 5 minutes, horizontally (that is, at 90° to the griddle ridges).
  • Step 4. Rotate the ears, turning them vertically aligned with the grill's grooves. Grill another 3 to 5 minutes.
Sometimes the simplest things are best.

  • September this year is Vegan MoFo —the Vegan Month of Food. Thus, posting this photo now might be timely.
  • Most of the corn we eat in the U.S. is a monoculture and genetically modified. Here's a story about a nearly extinct heirloom variety —un-genetically-modified and rescued from near extinction— called New England Eight Row Flint: Reviving An Heirloom Corn That Packs More Flavor And Nutrition (NPR).

  • Pic(k) of the Week: one in a weekly series of personal photos, often posted on Saturdays, and often, but not always (as today), with a good fermentable as a subject.
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