Thursday, December 05, 2013

The People United Will Never Be Defeated

Nelson Mandela died today at age 95. A South African, he was a man for all humanity.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner, he requires no hagiography.

Mandela accomplished more for his fellow men and women, while imprisoned for 27 years, than will most of us, while 'free', in our lifetimes. Tonight, the flags of all nations of the world should be at half-mast. We should be so fortunate to see his kind again.

The People United Will Never be Defeated

  • More on the life and beliefs of Mandela. Via Think Progress.
  • "The People United Will Never be Defeated" was written in 1975 by composer Frederic Rzewski. It is a series of variations based upon a Chilean freedom song of the same name. I thought it appropriate to embed it above.
  • Not to forget theis ebullient tune, from 1984, by the Specials: Free Nelson Mandela!

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