Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013's Beer Quotation of the Year

I’m more of a German-school brewer, so I think in terms of original gravity. I don’t even like talking about alcohol. It’s like asking a butcher to measure his steaks or hamburger in terms of percent fat. Alcohol to me isn’t important. When I brew these beers, it’s about flavor.
— Dan Carey, co-owner/brewer of New Glarus Brewing Company (Wisconsin, USA)
as quoted by Jay Brooks (of Brookston Beer Bulletin).


The beer in the photo was New Glarus' Wisconsin Red, which I had enjoyed, poured on draft, at a Madison, Wisconsin, bar, a few years back. The beer, fermented with cherries, darkened with roasted barley, and structured in oak, was simultaneously sweet and tart, complex yet refreshing: a quite marvelous confection. Mr. Carey may not have followed the Reiheinsgebot with his choice of ingredients, but he showed a deft Teutonic skill at integrating disparate flavors.

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