Thursday, November 13, 2014

There's A Beer For That.

"There's a Beer for That" is a U.K. beer industry advert (as they say over there), produced by Britain's Beer Alliance, promoting beer, in general, and beer as appropriate at table.

It's not sixty-seconds of self-congratulatory bravado. It's not booty-shaking or churlish distraction. It's like a mashup of "Got Milk?" and Apple's "There's an App For That" served with just-folk vignettes and beer-and-food rhymings.

Sunday roast; cheese on toast; cockles from the Cornish coast. There's a beer for that. [...] Homely and hearty, or somewhat refined. There's a beer for that.

There's an amusing scene at 0:35 where a pub 'regular' and a hipster (or is that a British bro?) encounter one another at the pub. But, there's a beer for that, for them.

There are some in the 'craft' beer world to whom marketing is anathema, but who, without any sense of abashed irony, themselves boast of "the end of bad beer," or "we are revolutionaries," "No Rules. It's craft." or some such thing. That is marketing, kids.

The above ad is not boastful; it's simple and disarming. It might even benignly coerce you into going out and having a beer with friends ... with a meal. Which is the point. It did me.

Now, why can't we Americans produce a beer advert like that?

Read more on the campaign, from British beer writer, Pete Brown: here.

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  1. I certainly find it far less obnoxious than that 'I am craft beer drinker' puke inducing fest of a video.


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