Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is Cizauskas shilling for Boston Beer?

This is a photo of me pulling slurry from a fermenter.

High Prime (02)

And, here, below, is a screenshot of a gentleman pulling a sample of beer from a barrel. It's a still from a currently running Sam Adams beer ad called "Be Original. Stay Independent.

He looks remarkably like me.

Cizauskas in Sam Adams ad?

Am I now shilling for Boston Beer? Am I eligible for residuals?

No! That is not I. Are we looking at a doppelganger?

  • There is no direct link to the commercial, but it can be seen on the Samuel Adams website.
  • A friend in the business tells me that the gentlemen in the advertisement is one Jonathan Mastin, Senior Brewing & Quality Scientist for Boston Beer.

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