Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Not so clear

Lifting that glass up toward the light, you can see it all: The color, clarity, history, science, chemistry, humanity, culture, craftsmanship – it all comes together in a pint of beer.

We each appreciate beer in different ways, and this season, we wanted to explore the reasons brewery insiders love what they do. It’s an experience we all share, and we bet some of the reasons they’re thankful for craft beer are on your list, too.

Look at the qualities praised of 'craft' beer in the above guest piece at the newly re-designed CraftBeer dot com: "Why I’m Thankful for Craft Beer." Especially regard the second 'craft' beer attribute: "clarity."

Now, I might be thankful this season for the mothers' daughters and sons who brew my beer. (I am.) But for clarity in a 'craft' beer? No. These days and this season, that limpid marvel is not among my thank-you tally; it's on my wistful list.

Be that as it may, let me be perfectly clear. A happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all, a good beer.

Crazy hazy

  • The website is the consumer side of the small-brewery advocacy group, the [U.S.] Brewers Association. The association first launched the website in 2009; it's just given it a major overhaul. The new look eschews a table-of-contents approach —that old book-reader fogeys like me prefer— in favor of a more 'millennial' graphics-heavy look that will make it more relevant for most others. That being said, several navigation tabs are indeed placed across the top of the pages. These are: Beer, Breweries, Food, News, Editor's Picks, Beer and Breweries, Festivals, American Craft Beer Week, and Defend Craft. One very useful tool is the "Find A Brewery," located in a drop-down menu under the Breweries tab. It does what it says. CraftBeer editor Jess Baker has posted an explanation on the why and whats of the redesign: here.
  • The story of the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, and beer: here.
  • What to drink with the Thanskgiving meal? Beer, of course. Which one? Here.

  • For more from YFGF:

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