Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Drinking, Again! Winter Cheers: a one sentence review.

Victory Brewing's Winter Cheers

New world meets old, as hop-derived lemon aromas give way to yeast-derived aromas and flavors of clove and banana and then a gently hoppy finish, in Winter Cheers, a hopped hefeweizen (a "celebratory wheat ale," the bottle label propounds), a delightful, if atypical, winter seasonal from Victory Brewing (of Downingtown, Pennsylvania) that bucks the trend for big and/or spiced beers in December (even though, at 6.7% alcohol-by-volume, it ain't no slouch), a beer designed as a chef might create a meal of unexpected combinations: flavorful yet even-handed.

Whew! A one sentence review.

From the brewery:
Winter weather may drive us indoors but cannot dampen our spirits when hearth, home and hops meet in jubilation. Hoisted high in its golden glory, Winter Cheers lives up to its name, fueling festive times and chasing winter’s chill. Glowing and glimmering, frothy and shimmering, our celebratory wheat ale features luscious fruity and spicy notes, making it a perfect brew to brighten spirits even on the deepest of nights. Light in body, this fruity and warming holiday brew delivers a crisp finish, with spicy hints of banana, clove, and citrus.
  • Malt: German wheat and barley malts, and oats
  • Hops: Whole flower Tettnang and Citra hops
  • ABV: 6.7%

In February 2016, Victory Brewing was purchased by Artisanal Brewing Ventures, a consortium consisting of 'craft' brewery Southern Tier Brewing (of New York) and a private investment company, appropriately named Ulysses.

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