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Pic(k) of the Week: 2016 retrospective

Two for beers

Every Saturday, I post a photo to this blog. (Yes, today is Wednesday, but bear with me.)

Cleverly (to my mind), I call this practice the Pic(k) of the Week. Each week, it's a photo (or, should I say, digital image) usually taken (or created) by me, and usually (but not always) with a good (or bad) fermentable as subject. That is some significant hedging. I am not a photographer; (to paraphrase the old pharmaceutical ad campaign) I only play one at YFGF.

Today at YFGF, I've posted, in thumbnail fashion, the entire fifty-two-entry rotogravure for 2016.

Thirty-two of the fifty-two photos I selected were of beer in some fashion: ten were at breweries, of which five were brewpubs. Three of the photos were brewers working. Another one was a smart-dressed Pabst man at a minor-league baseball game. Only four were of beer-and-food. One of those was of beer IN food; another was a beer lunch in a hop field in the U.K.: an example of a photo not taken by me, but of such a stellar scene that I secured permission to re-post it.

Five photos were nostalgic: from my former bailiwick. Three photos were baseball related. One photo was taken at a jazz performance, and tangentially baseball-related. A few went to the dogs. One was vehemently vegetarian.

I selected no pictures of cask ale for inclusion last year. That's a sad first for me, a cask ale nut. Over the year, I simply didn't encounter any good cask ale in Atlanta, Georgia (other than a few imported UK-produced pints at a local cask ale festival). That's a topic for another day.

So, take a look, below. Click on a thumbnail to view the image in its full size accompanied by its backstory. (By the way, all of my photographs and images, whether anointed for inclusion here or not, can be seen at Flickr, all thirty-five thousand of them.)

This Saturday, 7 January, I'll post a new Pic(k) of the Week, and the series will begin anew for 2017.


Pic(k) of the Week: 2016 retrospective

New Year's c. 2008 Beer, hand, & questions Snowy Wisconsin night (01) One-hitters Steaming Sweetwater (03)
Anheuser-Busch InBev in Cartersville (01) Cheese plate with beer Hop Slam on deck Leaving on a jet plane (01)
Please don't kink the hose. Conversation amidst the barrels Bullsh*t! An orgy of orchids
Orpheus masher (02) Pondering beagle Sunday's Kölsch Pepper disses salt Mr. PBR (02)
A silo for 5 Seasons. I Am Not A Nugget (04) Two sours & a stout Success & dejection
Beware of Snakes in Garden Hang on little tomato Weizen alfresco Stout-marinaded Grilled Veggies (01)
Flags in window Hank Aaron at The Ted (01) Summertime refreshment Pigtail pour Lake House in the biergarten
Sunset at Navy Pier In front of Ale Asylum Meet the Scofflaws Beer on ground
#YeastNeverSleeps City scene with truck Got beer? Hop-pickers' lunch
Beer & bop Briarcliff Pumpkin Patch 'Craft' beer spies of 1982? Tie-dyes
Things Are REALLY Getting Bad Fog over downtown Twisted lights Torched Pils & Pie
"I Hate Everybody!" Max Lager fermenters Brewer at work Santa's Cheer Beer Our Special Ale 2016

  • At the head of the post, a bonus Pic(k) of the Week: Two for beers, taken at Eventide Brewing, in Atlanta, Georgia, on 26 August 2016.

  • Pic(k) of the Week: one in a weekly series of photos, usually posted every Saturday, and often, but not always, with a good fermentable as a subject.
  • Commercial reproduction requires explicit permission, as per Creative Commons.

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