Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Where to find beer (and good beer) at Nats Park

Thanks to our friends at DCBeer.com, when you catch a Washington Nationals baseball game, you'll also be able to find a good beer. They've just published this convenient 2017 beer map of Nationals Park, in Washington, D.C.

Nationals Park Beer Map 2017

  • District Drafts ('craft' beer from Washington, D.C., and Virignia):
    Sections 119, 129, 139, 223, 310 plus 3 more carts, TBD.
    • 3 Stars
    • Atlas
    • D.C. Brau
    • Mad Fox
    • Old Ox
    • Port City
    • Plus 2 rotating taps for other local beer. (For example: Fair Winds will be at the first homestand; Right Proper, at the second).
  • Vendors
    In addition to the normal flotsam and jetsam sold by beer vendors (Budweiser, via Anheuser-Busch, is the official team beer partner), tallboy cans of Maryland's Flying Dog Brewing's Snake Dog IPA may also be found here and there. Cans of Virginia's Port City Brewing Optimal Wit will come later in the season.

  • Everything else (mainstream beers, imports and Goose Island and Devils Backbone):
    • Base Line Brews:
      Center Field Plaza and Sections 104, 108, 115, 133, 136, 141, 221, 231, 303, 305, 314, 318.
    • Homestead Grays Pub:
      Section 217.
    • The Union Pub:
      Section 306.
    • Devils Backbone Brewing Company:
      Left Field Lodge.
    • Distillers of the DMV:
      Sections 112 and 135.
The Nationals moved to town in 2005, playing in old RFK Stadium. They moved into their new digs, Nationals Park, in 2008. It wasn't until 2013 —due to the efforts of Bill Butcher of Port City Brewing and Bill Madden of Mad Fox Brewing, among others— that good local beer, via the District Drafts carts, became a regular, easily accessed thing at the Park.

As they say, forty-five miles to the north, in the Baltimore Orioles' home field of Camden Yards, where local 'craft' beer has been served since 1993, one year after that magnificent park was opened ...
Ain't the beer cold, hon!

  • For years, YFGF's home base had been the DC/Baltimore/northern Virginia conurbation. Now, although in Atlanta Braves territory (who this year perversely reverse-migrated out of its downtown to its suburbs), I offer no apologies for rooting for the Washington Nationals first, Baltimore Orioles second. The Nats defeated the Miami Marlins 4-2 at home for their Opening Day game; in payback for last season's postseason, the Orioles defeated the Toronto Blue Jays, 3-2 in extra innings.
  • I'm certain that DC Beer will update the map as beer-scouting reports come in.
  • In years past, uber-fan Charlie Fliegel has done the cartography honors at his Nationasl Review. See this beer map, for example, from 2016.

  • For more from YFGF:

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