Tuesday, July 03, 2018

R.I.P., Brewer Mallon.

Proud Brewer Mallon This post will be updated.

I've just received terrible news about a great guy and brewer. Chris Mallon passed away on Sunday.

Chris was the original head brewer for Caboose Brewing, in Vienna, Virginia, which he shepherded from planning, in 2013, through its opening, in 2015, and until just recently.

Prior to that, he had been the Special Projects Brewer at Heavy Seas Beer in Baltimore, Maryland. Or, as he put it: "the Cask & Barrel Kemosabe."

Since leaving Caboose, he was said to be pursuing another brewery project in the area.

Rest in peace, Brewer Mallon.


  • Caboose Brewing released a statement on Facebook:
    On Sunday, we lost a part of our soul at Caboose. Chris Mallon was our very first hire at the end of 2013 and spent a good part of 2014 perfecting what would become our best-selling beers using 10-gallon gallon system. Chris loved his family, his profession, and he loved being around people and sharing his craft.

    When tragedy strikes this close to home, it's probably time to address the problem directly. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism and/or depression, there are resources that can help. We have lost far too many outstanding people lately to the pressures of these diseases and we all have a responsibility to discuss it with our friends, family, and within our industry.

    Cheers Chris, rest in peace.

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