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Pic(k) of the Week: What color do brewsters dream in?

Lauter tun (02)

What color do brewsters dream in?


Pictured: a lauter tun [pronounced like 'louder' but with a 't' in place of the 'd'; 'tun' like 'ton']: one of the several pieces of stainless-steel kit in a brewhouse.
a stainless-steel vessel that receives the entire mash from the mixer [or mash tun] after the suitable conversion time has passed [barley malt starch enzymatically converted into sugars]. It has a slotted false bottom with 'valleys' arranged in concentric circles. The mash bed sits on the false bottom. To enable wort runoff to the brew kettle, rakes with knives rotate slowly, cutting the mash. The bed is sparged [washed with hot water] during the runoff.
— Christine P. Rhodes, Tom Bedell, et. al
The Encyclopedia of Beer, 1995.

  • A beery blast from the past, the photo was taken on 16 January 2015, at Heavy Seas Beer, in Halethorpe, Maryland, during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the brewery's, then, new brewhouse.
  • The title, brewster —although now more often than not denoting a woman who brews— once refered either to a female or male brewer, depending upon geography. Etymological research via beer historian Martyn Cornell, at: Zythophile.

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