Friday, May 10, 2019

A Rocksteady American Mild Month

Rock Steady Mild at the brewery

As far as I can determine, Rocksteady 'English Mild' is the only Georgia, USA-brewed Mild Ale * currently available during American Mild Month in May.

And it's a good one, on draught at its creator, Good Word Brewing, a brewpub in Duluth, Georgia.
This Mild clocks in at 3.4% and has hints of leather, chocolate, and slight menthol from the E.K.G. and Fuggles hops we used in this beer.

Rocksteady is a year-round mainstay, there. But there's a bonus. During American Mild Month in May, the brewpub is also serving the mild cask-conditioned via beer engine. But that's only on Thursdays (or until the cask runs out) and only after 5 pm.

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  • * Please forgive me for quoting myself:
    Ah, May, the beautiful-est month of beer!

    It's the 5th annual American Mild Month and, throughout the month of May, breweries, coast-to-coast, are brewing and serving Mild Ales.

    The quintessential session beer (at 4.5% abv...or less!), Mild Ale is a more-ish, yet restrained, dark-ish ale, whose gentle hopping and clean finish allows its malt and what hops are present to shine through. And, if cask-conditioned (but with absolutely NO extraneous junk tossed in!), that's a bonus.
  • Personal note: I stopped by Good Word at 3:22 pm, on Thursday, 9 May. Aargh! Missed the cask by that much. (But the draught, pictured above, was tasty.)
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