Friday, November 22, 2002

Oakham JHB - a review

I'll start this by saying that the usual caveats apply, that is, by working for Legends, Ltd., I sell Oakham JHB.

That being said, I sampled a pint from a CASK of freshly tapped Jeffery Hudson Bitter (JHB) from Oakham Brewery of Peterborough, UK, Thursday evening at Sean Bolan's in Baltimore.

Oh my, what a REAL ALE!

At only 3.8%, this straw-colored bitter packed a wallop with tropical fruit overtones, a hint of sweet malt, American-ish hop character, and a long-lived hoppy and drying finish. It was
zymurgical alchemy that such a small beer could be so complex and satisfying.

Maybe the only demerit would be for a faint veil of haze. But who's picking nits? This beer travelled from the UK, where it placed tied for third in the bitter category in the GBBF, and
arrived at Sean Bolan's Thursday evening with most of its delightful caskability intact. In 2001, JHB was selected as the Supreme Champion beer of Great Britain.

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