Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kasper and Brewer's Art

Rob Kasper - a fun to read columnist for the Baltimore Sun, a long-time advocate for good beer, a fierce partisan for local beer, and a good guy - has blogged into the 21st century. His journal is called Kasper on Tap and began on 10 October:

Greetings, fellow beer lovers. This is my mission: to drink good beer, to spread the word, and to spark interesting and entertaining discussion about the beer-drinking life.

I am one of those people who get paid to eat and drink. I have been doing it for a while. When I asked Paul McCardell, one of The Sun’s Cracker Jack librarians, to find my earliest writing about beer, he pulled a clip from 1984. Back then I had lots of hair and one small child. [I have a picture of Rob and me at Sisson's in 1994. I'll post it when I find it. More hair for both of us!] Now I have as little hair as Cal Ripken, and my kids, two guys in their 20s, are grown and mostly gone. But as offspring do, they return home occasionally to drink their dad’s beer.


Like most residents of this town, I am fiercely local. Yet I do recognize that there is good beer beyond Baltimore. When I venture out of town to attend food conferences, family gatherings, or a college-scouting trip (thank the Lord those days are over), I make it a point to sample the local suds.

Recently I discovered there is good beer in the Kansas City airport; a bar in the Southwest and Delta terminal sells Boulevard, a local favorite. The bar, however, closes at 6 p.m. I know because I got turned away, thirsty, at 6:02. I suppose my writing on this blog will be quick and dirty as opposed to complex and geeky. Just for the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a beer geek.

His most recent blog was about another good guy, well, actually several good guys: the folks who own and operate Baltimore's (and some say the East Coast's) jewel of a brewpub restaurant, Brewer's Art.

As of Halloween, its Green Peppercorn Tripel will be available in 750-milliliter bottles. Packaging will be at the Sly Fox Brewery in Pennsylvania. Plans are in the works for three more beers next year. Resurrection arises in bottle, maybe?

That thing about Rob not being a beer geek? I'll just say, "ah, aha." Good blogging Rob!

And, good fortune to my friends at The Brewer's Art.

[UPDATE: 2007.11.24.

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