Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brewers get their due #2

Photo courtesy of Gregg Wiggins of the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.

The guys and gals who don't get the attention in the craft beer world are the ones who actually make the beer - filling the kegs, milling the malt, cleaning the kettle, running the bottling line - day after day.

Clipper City's owner Hugh Sisson sent two of his brewers to this year's GABF.

John Eugeni (r) and Chris Mallon (l) duly received their moments of recognition and acclaim, when they stepped up - twice - to the podium to accept awards from the Great American Beer Festival's Charlie Papazian for McHenry Lager (bronze medal) and Balto MarzHon (gold medal).

Brewers get their due #1
Clipper and local winners at GABF
More photos of a working day at Clipper City Brewing Company.

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