Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Virginia loss

Mark Sedar, with his wife Kay and son Michael, runs a beer & wine store in small Berryville, Virginia called The Virginia Touch.

More than that, he purveys Virginia food and products such as local honey that one can't find in the big box stores and chains.

Mark's level of welcome and enthusiasm was (and is) palpable and infectious.

Good food, good beer (and wine), good people -- that's what this business is all about. But it's a tough business. And, as Mark said to me, "the margin of profit for beer and wine is tiny." In this economy, it will only become smaller.

Mark Sedar (on left) at Magnolias Mill beer Dinner

Mark Sedar (at right) with his usual enthusiasm! At a beer dinner in Purcellville, Virginia at Magnolias Mill. On left is Tuscarora Mill's Shawn Malone. In center is Ted Curtis of Select Wines, a beer and wine distributor.

So, from an email:
It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of The Virginia Touch. Kay, Michael and myself have been discussing closing the store the last several months and have been planning the closing over the last month.

It is not the closing of the store that brings us sadness but it will be not seeing you, our fantastic customers, who have supported us these past four years.

Our final tasting will be July 5, 2008 and the store will officially close July 31, 2008. June will be our last month for our beer and wine clubs.

I will keep you informed as to our complete closing schedule and specials in future emails.

Most of our store fixtures, equipment and displays will be for sale and I will provide you with a complete list.

Thanks for all your support.

More than as a beer salesman, but as an appreciator of good food and good people, I will miss the Virginia Touch. I would go in to conduct a beer sales call, and walk out with other breweries' beers, and Virginia wines and cheeses.

The store itself will close at the end of July, but Mark will keep the Virginia Touch website open, selling non-alcohol Virginia products such as honey, cheese, hot sauces, etc. Go now and visit before the shelves are depleted of the wonderful beer selection. It's a beautiful drive to Berryville.

Support your local breweries. Support your local businesses.

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  1. Tom,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    It has been a great run and we have made so many friends, which is the hardest part of closing the business.

    I am sure that our path will cross again and appreciate all the support that you have given us over the years.

    Yours in Beer, Wine & Food,



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