Thursday, June 19, 2008

Washington DC Bloggers Meetup

Cizauskas at RFD for DC Bloggers MeetupI attended The Washington Blogger Meetup last evening at RFD.

It was my first meeting with this DC-area group for "blog writers, readers, and retired bloggers of all stripes."

The Meetup has over 400 members; our group last night was comprised of about a dozen. This did promote more one-on-one conversation. A person even two chairs down would have to shout to be heard; RFD was packed to the gills.

Most were hi-techers with much greater skill at such than I would ever hope or want. But among the group there was a comedian, a political website developer, a DC scene observer. No one seemed particularly worried about the Associate Press' recent hamfisted attack on bloggers' use of source material references.

On cask at RFD was a just-tapped firkin of Williams Brothers' Ebulum. It was in perfect condition: a dark, fruity, luxuriant pour. (Here's an account of a similar encounter, but from 2003.)

One of the more valuable things I learned? Always check, and double-check your URL (that is, the address, for your website or blog). In my profile for this group of bloggers, I had typed the address for my blog --incorrectly.

Now, that's embarrassing!

I photoshopped the photo a bit for clarity. It was taken at the Meetup on a Mac by Joe of the Dumb Things I've Done Today blog. More of his pics here.

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