Friday, October 10, 2008

YFGF gets press'd

Yours For Good received press attention in the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, October/November 2008 (Vol. 10 No.5). Baltimore correspondent Alexander D. Mitchell IV wrote:

Tom Cizauskas, long-time sales rep for Clipper City, tapped his final keg for the Baltimore brewery in July. As of Aug. 1, he's working for Select Wines, the northern Virginia wholesaler that carries Clipper City beers among many other brands.

The beer paparazzi caught up with my mother.

In the magazine's same issue, the Brews Brothers —Steve Frank and Arnie Meltzer— reported on the Royal Mile Pub's 2nd annual Beer Breakfast:
[At breakfast's conclusion] A very satisfied Gene Cizauskas asked the waiter, "Does anyone walk out of here?"

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