Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trails of bourbon, wine, and beer

On my recent birthday weekend, I toured Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve, two distilleries in Kentucky. They lie along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a collaborative effort between the state of Kentucky and the distilleries and their association. A successful tourism program and business-builder, the 'trail' is a matrix of road signs, glossy brochures, and maps.

Buffalo Trace rickhouse

Here in Virginia, the distillery industry is a nascent one. But there is a Virginia Wine Trail and an active wine makers association.

Sadly for Virginia beer, there is no association (even though there had been one in the 1990s). There is news, however, of a possible beer trail, at least for the central and southwestern regions of the state: Beer Trail hopes to emulate Virginia wine industry.

My colleague at Musings Over a Pint writes quite often on the Virginia beer scene. I'm certain he'll be posting if the beer trail approaches completion.

More about my short tour of the Bourbon Trail tour here. Photos here.

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