Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To the talented Mr. Mitchell: recover!

Baltimore, Maryland's beer curmudgeon, Alexander D. Mitchell IV, is in a local hospital recovering from an attack of pancreatitis.

UPDATE: 18 February 2009. Mitchell reports that he is out of the hospital and recuperating.

Mitchell is sanguine about his prognosis, but obviously, and unfortunately, he will miss this year's 72 Hours of Belgium at Max's Taphouse in Baltimore. Last year he attempted the Sisyphean task of blogging live from this Belgian beer festival.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV

In 2005, Chris Hallahan (l), representative for Warsteiner, Alexander Mitchell (r).

Mitchell is the author of several books, a correspondent for the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, and a blogger at Beer in Baltimore.


  1. "Curmudgeon"????

    [grumble, mumble]...... Hey, you dang hippie punks, get offa my bar stool, darn it.... [growl, snarl....]

  2. Definitely wasn't the same without you this year Sandy. I endeavored to devour as many samples as I could in your absence. Get well soon,



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