Friday, February 27, 2009

Legalize it!, in Utah

In Utah, you'd be a criminal if you were to brew beer at home. Not to resell it, mind you. And not in great quantities.

But if you were to brew, say, a 5 gallon batch (that's approximately 2 cases of beer) for home consumption you'd be fined or carted off to prison, but without the beer.

Until, maybe, this week.

Charlie Papazian at his Beer Examiner blog reports that Utah is about to legalize the brewing of beer at home.

homebrewers are hopefully anticipating Governor Huntsman will sign the bill into law.

After the bill is signed, the law will go into effect on May 12. Utah will become the 46th state to legalize homebrewing. Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Oklahoma still criminalize the hobby of homebrewing.

Read more about when homebrewing gained Federal government approval.

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