Thursday, April 09, 2009

Last Tango in Ashburn

Brewmaster Favio Garcia fired up the brewkettle at the Old Dominion Brewing Company tonight for its last brew in Ashburn, Va.

The Final Brew

Several past brewers showed up in solidarity. No word as to what the final brew was.

Operations and equipment are being moved to Dover, Delaware, as part of the Coastal Brewing Company.

Walking from Dominion

In Ashburn, Va., the grand old lady has said goodnight. (1989-2009)

Dominion was sold to Coastal Brewing of Dover, Delaware, in March 2007.


  1. Sad to see this day come...

  2. I have fond memories of ODBC.

    I once drove Michael Jackson to the brewery, where he tried their broad range of beers, and later greeted BURPers and friends at a party on the brewery floor, always my favorite place for a party.

    I always enjoyed visiting the brewery and chatting with Jerry, Ron, Bill, John, Kenny, and many others.

    Whoever occupies the building next will have no idea, of course, that this was such a special place.


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