Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You know a great bar ... when you're in one.

Congratulations to The Brewer's Art of Baltimore, Maryland.

As of today, Esquire Magazine on-line considers this pub and restaurant to be the best bar in the United States.

You know a great bar when you're in one. If it's a dive, it's Christ-this-place-is-a-dive dive. If it's an Irish pub, it's not an "Irish" pub. If it's a cocktail lounge, it's got some Tanqueray Ten and a bottle of good rye somewhere. This site is about those places.

Esquire's Best Bars

The rankings may change tomorrow, but the Belgian-styled beers will remain fresh. They're brewed on-premise. The Brewer's Art is a brewpub.

... And their garlic frites are to die for, or at least to binge on. Solid carb lovers should check out this new all-frites, all-the-time blog, called —what else would you expect— Frites.

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