Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lay off energy drinks, says US Senator

US Senator Bernie Sanders has sided with small Vermont brewery Rock Art, maker of beer Vermonster, in its trademark dispute with drinks conglomerate Hansen Natural Beverage, maker of Monster Energy drink. Read this excerpt from a letter he wrote to Hansen:

"I am not a trademark attorney, but I believe that any normal person would find your claim preposterous," Sanders wrote in a letter mailed to Hansen Beverage on Tuesday. "An energy drink is not a beer, and the word 'monster' is not 'Vermonster.' Any person who would get confused by these two different products and names should probably slow down a bit, and lay off energy drinks."

In a deliciously ironic twist, it is Sanders, one of two 'independents' in the US Senate, and who has run before as a 'Democratic Socialist', who is promoting free enterprise. Of course, he is also protecting parochial interests. Sanders is Senator from Vermont.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday afternoon, it appears as if the issue has been resolved: Vermonster remains. More from
  • More on the imbroglio, from the Burlington Free here.
  • More from Yours For Good here.

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  1. I suspect Sanders is, at heart, more of an anarchist. I mean...he's from Vermont, right?
    Love the "lay off energy drinks" line!


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