Monday, October 26, 2009

Pic(k) of the Week: Bumper Stickers

bumper stickers

Sloganeering to the 'nth' degree: a 'tricked-out' Corolla.

I wonder how many, under a certain age, recognize the yellow symbol just to the left of the Toyota ornament in the upper center?

Arlington, Virginia.
23 October 2009.

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    1. I recognize it! I have a few kicking around... The real thing, not the stickers.

    2. Old school ... I'm considering that for a tattoo. Incidentally vinyl sales are on the rise!

    3. I'd say 25 years and younger haven't a clue what that is!

    4. Wow... Haven't seen one of those since I was about 8 yrs old... and I'm almost 30 now, Tom. Time flies, huh? my generation was all about the tapes, man.

    5. I could use a couple to play the original pressings of "Like a Rolling Stone" and "Downtown" that I uncovered among my lotsa stuff.

    6. A sticker is a type of label: a piece of printed paper or plastic with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. flower wall art


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