Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday in Beer: Rob Kasper

Rob Kasper

Rob Kasper is a features columnist for the Baltimore Sun. He writes about cooking, eating, gardening, life's foibles and small moments, and ... beer. His most recent column on that topic concerned Stillwater Artisinal Ales, Baltimore's newest brewery.

Here's how Rob describes himself:
[I] have been writing about beer for 20 years. I recall when when Anchor Christmas and Noche Buena were about the only beers at a holiday tasting and Sisson’s was the only brewpub in Baltimore. A collection of his columns, "Raising Kids and Tomatoes, Amusing Tales and Appetizing Recipes," was published in 1998. He lives with his wife, Judith, a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, in a downtown Baltimore rowhouse. They have two grown sons, who come home from time to time and drink their father’s beer.

In his spare time, Rob writes a blog about beer: Kasper on Tap. He hasn't been prolific as of late, so be sure to click the archives link at his site. There's lots of good stuff there.

And, oh yes. It's Rob's birthday today.

UPDATE: In 2011, Mr. Kasper retired from the Baltimore Sun, and wrote Baltimore Beer: A Satisfying History of Charm City Brewing.

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