Thursday, March 04, 2010

National Cask Ale Week: in US?

National Cask Ale Week
It's time again for National Cask Ale Week, 29 March to 5 April.

Haven't heard of the celebration, you say? There might be two reasons for that.

It's only in its second year, and the "National" is Britain. The organizers include the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) —which "campaigns for real ale, real pubs and consumer rights" in the UK— and the Cask Marque Trust —an independent voluntary association 'certifying' cask ale quality at pubs in the UK.

Look carefully at the pump clip in the logo. It appeared as if the organizers had crossed out the word "Britain." Not so! Alastair Macnaught at Cask Marque emailed this clarification:
...the word Britain wasn't actually crossed out (although it looks like it I agree!), it has the UK flag on it. I can send you the image if you like. Although we have no plans to involve other countries we are very happy for them to get involved - it is only a lack of resources to involve other countries which is stopping us. Could be something for the future though. All the best with anything you can organise and keep us posted on the best stories!

In 2009, only a few  (a very few) pubs in the US participated. [More: here.] So, my open question to pubs and brewpubs in the United States: Will you be observing Cask Ale Week 2010? And, if so, what are your plans?


29 March - 5 April
  • Colorado

    • Dry Dock Brewing Company: 2 April
      On Friday, it's a Coconut Porter cask ale in honor of Cask Ale Week. Every Friday we have a different cask ale, usually one of our regular beers, and put our own little spin on it.

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

    • NERAX
      New England Real Ale Exhibition: 24 - 27 March.
      14th annual festival. Over 80 firkins of Real Ale. Half U.K. beers from England, Scotland, and Wales; and half American beers from New England. Occurs before Cask Ale Week.

  • Pennsylvania

  • Virginia

    • Galaxy Hut
      Special Cask tappingFirkin of Heavy Seas Siren Noire imperial stout (with chocolate nibs): 5 April, 6-8pm

  • Washington, D.C.

    • Churchkey
      Bell's HopSlam Cask Tapping at ChurchKey: 29 March. The ONLY CASK of Bell’s HopSlam to make it to the greater Washington, DC region.

      Flying Dog 'Bitch' Session at ChurchKey :1 April
      The first 50 people to order a Flying Dog Real Ale will receive a Limited Edition Raging Bitch stemless goblet. Firkins of Gonzo Imperial Porter, Snake Dog India Pale Ale, and Doggie-Style Classic Pale Ale

    • Black Squirrel
      Snake Dog India Pale Ale from Maryland's Flying Dog Brewery, which has had Simicoe hops added after fermentation for extra aroma.
I'll update this page to include events as I receive responses. Add a comment below or email me.
  • In 2009, an attempt was made to coordinate the worlds' largest toast ... to cask ale. The story here.
  • The UK organizers on Facebook: here
  • The UK organizers on Twitter: here. The rest of us should hashmark our events with #CaskAleWeek
  • Photos on Flickr: here. Tagged with Cask Ale Week


  1. Well, come on, mate. Scotland may have its own Parliament (be careful what you wish for, for you will certainly get it), but it's still part of Britain and even the United Kingdom. Britain is a geographical term, not a political term. Ireland is sort of open to multiple layers of debate, however.....

  2. Flying Dog Brewery and Church Key proud to celebrate Cask Ale Week on Thursday, April 1, starting @ 6 PM.

    More details and beer list at:


    Thanks, Tom.

  3. Flying Dog Brewery an Black Squirrel announce another DC event celebrating Cask Ale Week for Wednesday, March 31, starting @ 6:30 PM.

    More details and beer list at:

    Look forward to seeing everyone out and about for our events to celebrate the Wonderful World of Real Ale!

    Thank you.


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