Thursday, April 29, 2010

More on Anchor's sea change

the grant at Anchor

Jay Brooks —of Brookston Beer Bulletin— has interviewed Keith Greggor, 1/2 half of the team that purchased iconic Anchor Brewery earlier this week. An ex-pat Englishman, Greggor has an interesting, and shall we say, reassuring background. Here is what he intends for Anchor, at least in the immediate future.
The current employees will all remain and nothing much should change around the brewery at all. John Dannerbeck, current president, will continue in that role, reporting to Greggor after the close. Foglio will then become chairman, and Maytag will remain involved as chairman emeritus. The only changes will likely be in marketing. Additional sales people will be hired and will represent the Anchor, BrewDog and Cooper’s brands. Greggor sees lots of opportunities to grow the brand, and that’s really he and Foglio’s specialty.

Oh, and for the record, the brewery's flagship brand is Anchor Steam; the brewery's name is Anchor Brewery (no 'steam').


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