Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Click a photo of beer. Submit. Receive acclaim. Win schwag.

Ah, the ignominy of a mass email!

Alan McLeod —he, of A Good Beer Blog, indeed a good beer blog, one that I read quite frequently, as Alan posts, in fine fashion, quite frequently— has sent an email, addressed to me and many others, chastising us, gently, for inaction.

Dear Past Beer Blog Xmas Photo Contest Prize Winners ... Just letting you know that the 2011 contest is on:


Please consider entering again this year. Happy to have repeat winners.

So, it's the the Yuletide/Christmas Beer Photo Contest of 2011. Just to be clear: it's a Christmas contest, but only because that is the season in which it's held.

The rules are simple and few: the photo must be of beer, it must NOT be of beer-and-food nor a drunken photo, so to speak. Entries must be limited to eight. The contest began on 18 November and continues until Sunday, 10 December, at noon, EST. Send photos to beerblog@gmail.com.

Soft spile fobbing

For the record, I won an honorable mention a few years ago with the above photo. I haven't been as lucky since, but you could. Click and submit!

Here are just a few of the prizes for victory (and there will be several awarded, including consolation and "crappiest"):
  • Jeff Alworth of Beervana: a bottle of Westvleteren 12 and glass.
  • Adrian Tierney-Jones and CAMRA have offered two copies of Great British Pubs.
  • Martyn Cornell: a copy of his book Amber Gold and Black.
  • Creemore Springs Brewery: brewery schwag.
  • All About Beer magazine.
  • TAPS The Beer Magazine.
  • Ron Pattinson, beer historian: copy of one of his books.
... the list grows.

UPDATE: "For capturing ye olde pub in a modern setting," my photo below has been awarded second place: one of 22 placing second, that is, out of 291 entered.

Afternoon Tipplers (1) Afternoon Tipplers


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  1. Not a gentle rebuke but a welcoming! Come one come all!!!


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