Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DMV breweries: Sandy, you're no derecho.

The District of Columbia, and the states of Maryland and Virginia, were largely spared the brunt of the destruction wreaked by Hurricane Sandy. And, so were the breweries of the area.

During the day, today, I used Twitter to inquire how these breweries had fared. Those that responded, to a brewery, wrote that they were hale and now with power. No beer had been lost.

Tree down on Lincoln Ave (02)

  • We are doing fine. We battened down the hatches and took steps to ensure that all of our full fermenters would be fine through the storm.
    3 Stars Brewing (Washington, D.C.)

  • Up and running. No power failure here.
    Chocolate City (Washington, D.C.)

  • We are fine! No power loss.
    DC Brau (Washington, D.C.)


  • We are fine! Opening at 4 as usual!
    The Brewers Art (Baltimore, Maryland)

  • We made it through with no problems, our taproom even stayed open the entire time!
    Burley Oak (Berlin, Maryland)

  • All is well. We stopped operations at 3:30pm Mon, but will be back up & running tomorrow AM.
    Flying Dog (Frederick, Maryland)

  • Growlers (Gaithersburg, Maryland) made it through the storm and is open for business. If it is safe for you to go out, we will be here for you.

  • Doing alright. The brewery is closed for the day!
    Heavy Seas (Halethorpe, Maryland)

  • Lost power yesterday. But we're up and brewing today!
    Monocacy Brewing (Frederick, Maryland)

  • No problems at the brewery, just at home!
    Oliver Ales (Baltimore, Maryland)

  • We are good besides a little water on the floor from a leaky window.
    Union Craft (Baltimore, Maryland)


  • All good here! We lost power for only a short bit.
    Corcoran Brewing (Waterford, Virginia.)

  • All's well here. We really dodged the bullet. No flooding or power interruptions.
    Legend Brewing (Richmond, Virginia.)

  • No problems. We just ended taking a few hours off! It was kinda nice.
    Lost Rhino (Ashburn, Virginia)

  • Brewery fared well, no loss of power, but getting staff in has challenges under the circumstances.
    Mad Fox (Falls Church, Virginia)

  • From Port City Brewing, in Alexandria, Virginia (which suffered beer loss during a summer storm, but made the most of it):
    Power is on. No damage to building or equipment. Back to normal operations Wednesday.

To those persons and businesses of the U.S. northeast who did not fare so well, many suffering terribly: our thoughts and support go out to you. Here's one way to offer assistance. I have not yet read of any brewery damages in the northeast.

  • Many breweries were contacted but not all responded. We hope that all are well.
  • The brewer at one Maryland brewpub angrily asked that my mention of it be removed. My information had come from the owner and was generally good news; the brewer vehemently disagreed. I've redacted it.
  • More coverage from The Original Beer in Baltimore: here.
  • I'm typing this post by candlelight, and with blankets. Power has not yet been restored to YFGF HQ.

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