Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bluejacket opens in Washington, D.C.

Bluejacket, a brewery with restaurant —the long-awaited project of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and its beer director Greg Engert, brewer Megan Parisi, and Chefs Kyle Bailey and Tiffany MacIsaac— finally opened its doors to the public, yesterday afternoon, in its digs in southeast Washington, D.C., near to Nationals Park.

Bluejacket noir

I couldn't be at Bluejacket for yesterday's opening ... but I will be there soon. Wonder why, and wonder why you should be going there as well? Read these stories.
  • Tim Carman, food writer at Washington Post, toured the restaurant and brewery. [Spent grains from the brewing process are used in the freshly-made breads; the coolship in the brewery to produce sour beer.]

  • Blog/website DC Beer was at Bluejacket for opening night. [Just dont' bring growlers!]

  • Eatery tours Bluejacket, and takes a lot of photos.

  • News outlet WTOP Radio has this story. [Bluejacket will have the capacity to produce up to 5,000 barrels per year; as many as 20 of its own beers on draft at any one time.]

  • D.C. Council member (mayoral candidate) Tommy Wells attended opening night. Here're photos from his Flickr site. [Not linked to as a political endorsement!]

  • The Washington City Paper has a story about Bluejacket's on-site restaurant, named The Arsenal.

  • And, there are wines at Bluejacket. Story at Washington City Paper.

  • Eight months before its opening, Bluejacket was visited by the Washington Post. [Former 7,300 square foot Navy Yard building where workers once made boilers for ships.]

  • Here's a 2012 story from YFGF. [The timeline-dates were optimistic!]

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