Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ads on YFGF

Since this blog was first published in September 2002, readers have seen few overt advertisements. Until now.

At long last, I've succumbed to commercialism. Each post will now have an ad, placed by Google, at its bottom. I apologize ... but not enough not to do it, at least for awhile, while I ponder if the few pennies are worth it.

As always, if there's a conflict-of-interest in a blog post —such as a review of a beer (or wine) that I professionally represent or a damnation of one that's in competition— I clearly identify that conflict —Caveat lector—after the 'jump.'

Carry on.

Perspectively pinched

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  1. Gregg Wiggins2/18/15, 9:36 AM

    As someone who made his living in the commercial media, both print and broadcast, for 40 years I will assure you there's nothing wrong with accepting advertising. That's what pays for the ink to put in the press and the electricity to run the transmitter. (OK, I'm old, but there ARE Internet equivalents.) The key is to be ethical and open about the advertising so that readers aren't deceived. Knowing you, I know that's how it will be.


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