Saturday, February 07, 2015

Pic(k) of the Week: Brewer farewell.

Bill Madden bids farewell to Charlie Buettner

It was a poignant moment as Bill Madden (r) —president of Mad Fox Brewing— thanked Charlie Buettner (l) for his 4 1/2 years of brewing at the brewpub, from day one, first as Madden's assistant brewer, and thereafter as head brewer.

Madden presented him with a plaque, which read:
Presented in recognition to Charlie Buettner. In grateful appreciation and recognition of over 4 years of dedicated service, devotion, commitment, and some fantastic brews. From the smallest project to the largest undertaking, you were always there to see it through.

Buettner thanked Madden for the opportunity, and thanked all of the brewers, friends, family, employees, and customers who had gathered to bid him farewell.

"He's Mr. Malt. I'm Mr. Hops," Buettner said. To which Madden replied, "You're always welcome back."

Mad Fox Brewing
Falls Church, Virginia.
5 February 2015.

  • Buettner will be head brewer at Fair Winds Brewing Company, a production-brewery in Lorton, Virginia, which is scheduled to open in mid-March 2015.

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