Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pic(k) of the Week: Flavor Enhancing Floaties?

Flavor Enhancing Floaties? (01)

13 February 2017. A highly acclaimed 'craft' beer Imperial IPA with mango and orange added; obtained within a month of being can-packaged; stored refrigerated for a few days; poured, from a can, slowly into a glass. And a second time. And a full four.

Online beer-raters have used the term "flavor enhancing floaties" to praise beers like this. But this can't be 'craft,' can it? At best, it's gross insouciance; at worst, rank incompetence. Craft is skill, honesty, and charm; isn't it?

In 1979, Fritz Maytag —the godfather of craft beer before there was 'craft' beer— moved his dilapidated Anchor Brewing to beautiful new digs in San Francisco, California. Really beautiful digs. Afterward, he appealed to the intrinsic grace of beer: "Don't tell me that good beer can be made in an ugly brewery." Likewise, now in 2017, don't tell me that my beer must be unseemly to be ineffable. Hell, no!

They tell me to surrender; the beer is out of the tank; the murk is loose; the battle is lost. "You are old, Father William."

Ah, but I am not alone. The struggle endures! Beauty forever! Resist! "Be off, or I'll kick you down stairs!"

  • did the beer taste? I taste with all my senses, including my eyes. Couldn't get it past them.
  • Guilty! I've plagiarized, lifting an entire paragraph almost verabitm from a blog post of 2016. My post.
  • "You are old, Father William." Lewis Carroll (1865).

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