Saturday, January 04, 2020

Pic(k) of the Week: Cream Ale for the New Year.

From the Facebook archives:

Them ---> [This beer] Literally [sic] tastes like a green sweet tart [sic] in liquid form.

Me ---> Even better: Eat a sweet-tart and drink a beer-flavored beer!

Them ---> Good idea! OR let everyone enjoy what they like and you drink what you like.

Me ---> OR realize that such relativism is always implied in anyone's organoleptic perception and thus when commented upon, a recursive exercise.

Or, in other words, every opinion is a winner except, if you disagree, yours. But how quickly I forget.

For New Year's Eve 2019/2020, a friend surprised me with Spotted Cow —a bottle-conditioned cream ale (an indigenous American beer style) from New Glarus Brewing in (New Glarus) Wisconsin. It is literally NOT a lime-green figurative sweet-tart beer.

Spotted Cow New Year's Eve

I had forgotten how this light ale, in its unassuming (4.8 % alcohol) manner, is just tasty enough, with a crisp finish and just enough fruity character, to rise just above being a plain-drinking beer. It won't satisfy the candy-beer crowd. Too bad for them. Ironically, New Glarus is well-regarded for its fruit beers, an American OG in that regard. Sconnie!

The image may be a shaky camera-phone shot, but I thought it appropriate to begin Pic(k) of the Week in the new decade with a beer photo (and the non-binary "they/them"). Sveiks!

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