Monday, January 06, 2020

2019's Pic(k) of the Week retrospective

Every Saturday since 29 August 2009, I have posted a Pic(k) of the Week: one in a weekly series of photos taken (or noted) by me, often, but not always, with a good fermentable as the subject.

These are those of 2019.

Broken windows As Cascade Falls Rust in the forest Hexopus
Farewell, hydrangea Dead end for tiny park Riparian tree in winter High ceilings at Bluejacket
Upcoming brewery 'Lion's tooth' parachute Tree at night in fog Sycamore Pink (02) Bridge over calm waters (02)
Friday afternoon Contrast Doggin' Dogwood Rose bush, refreshed Lauter tun (02)
Rosebud glory Garden vine blossoms Refreshed by jazz Ambush Owl
Shoal Creek shoals Mimosa stamens Geranium among the licorice How the beer snob rolls Hourglass Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale
Beer Independence Day Caladium, after rain The spigot is closed. Double Refreshment
Leopard Lily Avondale Stonehenge Red beach bicyclist Bar, just Bar
Forest allée (03) (Non) Beef Stew Pray for Zinfandel Still life with Oktoberfest, pretzels, & radishes Pub prisms
Maintaining his cool Half-hitch secure Two Calusians Old Stock Ale 2019
Colors of autumn (04) S-curve pine Reeds at night Northside Tavern (03) Remains of New Manchester Manufacturing Co. (02)
Bend in the boardwalk (02) Misted field and pond Happy Hibernal Solstice Industrial relic
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What's up?

Examining only the last five years, here are how my selections have changed:

2019 2018201720162015
Beer 10 12283434
Brewery/Pub 12 581620
Cask ale 1 25010
Wine 1 0103
Whiskey/Liquor 0 1002
Food 2 3485

The figures don't reflect a sum, as a category may be a subset of another: such as breweries also under beer, food also under brewpub/brewery, etc. But the trend has unmistakenly been from fermentables to 'artsy.'

In fact, of the fifty-two selections in 2019, thirty-four, or 65%, were NOT of a fermentable, comestible, or related subject. Twenty-four (46%) images were of 'nature'; eleven (21%) were of structures (not including breweries); eleven images (21%) were in black-and-white (of which only four were beer-related); and six (11%) were focused on people, primarily or tangentially.

For the inaugural Pic(k) of the Week of 2020, I posted —on Saturday, 4 January 2020— an image of...a beer! And the cycle began anew.


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