Saturday, April 11, 2020

Pic(k) of the Week: Beer alfresco

Beer at Fells Point (02)

Reaching back into the archives for the Pic(k) of the Week.

Enjoying a beer, alfresco, on a sidewalk patio in November 2009...when social-distancing was not a thing. At Max's Taphouse, in Baltimore (Fell's Point), Maryland, USA. Then called "Max's on Broadway"...the Baltimore Broadway.

In the glass: a pour of (then) 11-year old Millenium Barleywine, brewed by the former Dominion Brewing (of Ashburn, Virginia). Warming, malty, and still in condition: even then, a rare treat indeed.

  • The name “British-style barley wine” represents a group of strong ales that rival the strength and complexity of some of the world’s most celebrated beverages. This brawny, malt-forward beer style is often one of the strongest beer styles on any given beer menu, and showcases a complex melange of toffee and fruit flavors counterbalanced by warming alcohol and sturdy hop bitterness. The barley wine beer style is a sipper, enjoyed responsibly, stylishly — preferably in front of a fire in a comfy chair amongst a plethora of leather-bound books. [...] With a wide color range and characteristically high in alcohol content, this is a style that is often aged, as it evolves well over time. As barley wine beers advance in age, they develop oxidative characteristics, including honey and toffee flavors as well as aromas, darker colors, lessened bitterness and more.

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