Saturday, April 18, 2020

Pic(k) of the Week: Outta beer; outta here.

Outta beer; outta here

Festooned with street art like this, a blocks-long metal wall separates the Atlanta BeltLine from the former CSX railroad Hulsey Yard, in the Reynoldstown district of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

I snapped a photo of this mural on 27 February 2018; now, its sentiment seems so appropriate. I haven't checked to see if it's still there. 

The Beltline is a not-yet-completed rails-to-trail pedestrian/biker/skater/runner circumnavigation of the city of Atlanta. A big sidewalk with a deficit of social-distancing but a surfeit of huffing-&-puffing, the BeltLine is something I'm avoiding these days.

Outta beer; outta here. 

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