Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brewer's Art 10th Anniversary - review

Brewer/owner Steve Frazier addressing participants at Brewer's Art 10th anniversary dinner

Brewer's Art brewer and co-owner Steve Frazier addressing diners at the brewpub's 10th Anniversary celebratory beer dinner.

Steve welcomed us and the promptly gave a lot of credit to fellow owner (not present) Trom Creegan for coming up with the idea for the dinner, and working with Chef Tim Carter to pair the food and beers. Brewer's Art achieved a milestone this year, producing 1600 bbls of beer - more than its theoretical maximum capacity!

I took incomplete notes: I became more of a happy diner than a reliable correspondent!

The Brewer's Ale Soup was a rich veal-based creamy soup, paired with BA's Proletary Ale. (since I am a vegetarian, I relied on the comments of my fellow diners as to the foods and the pairings. In this case I was given a quite delicious Potato Corn Chowder.) The soup was mated with BA's Saison de Pécore (4.5% abv), brewed with Keffir lime leaves (citrusy), Grains of Paradise (peppery), heather blooms, and Sasison Pipaix yeast (complex). I found it a touch sulfury, but still very tasty.

Tom Baker brewed every style but with his own stamp.
Biere d'Art - Biere de Gard (9 month old) tasted a bit old. Murky brown. But I was a minority of one! Others really liked this.

With somewhat of controversial statement, Steve said that while Dogfish Head Brewery is good for the industry it doesn't make palatable beer. He stated that its sense of adventure helps to create momentum and interest, but that its final product is often of lower quality than the idea behind it.

Coriander Poached Pear
Shropshire quenelles
Heavyweight Saison
with Westmalle and Chouffe yeast
good pairing - fruity and citrusy.

Brewers' Art's 10th Anniversary Ale was brewed with cardamom, cinammon, and saffron (10 grams.per 280 gallons). The brewpub itself opened 13 Friday (!) 1996. The spices were used as an homage to French soccer star Zidane (before the head-butt!). I had squash and Tempura Asparagus, whereas all others were served Escolar, described as Oilfish. The diners found it delicious and not at all oily. The beer was wonderful.

The main course was the Venison Chop. Ron Fischer, Cellarmaster for importer B. United, declared it the most tender veal chop he had ever had. It was served with Unibroue's Cranberry Ephemere. I was served a Vegetable Cassoulet. The tartness paired well.

Happy Anniversary, Brewer's Art ... and many more!

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