Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Clipper to Miller to Victory

Dietrich at Dremo's
It's the celebrity chefs and the celebrity authors, who, within their ambits, get all the attention.

And, so it is with brewers.

Not to begrudge those who get most of the attention, but there are many brewers, working semi-anonymously at brewpubs and breweries throughout the nation, who are creating beautiful beers.

For 9 years Scott Dietrich worked at the Clipper City Brewing Company, as a brewer and lead brewer.

Under his aegis, Clipper City beers, such as Winter Storm Imperial ESB, Small Craft Warning Uber Pils, Red Sky at Night Saison, and, one of my favorite session beers, Clipper City Gold, received many accolades. While at Clipper City, Dietrich was instrumental, as well, in the recipe formulation and production of The Raven Lager, a German-style export lager.

In early 2006, Dietrich moved south and signed on as a brewer at the Miller plant in Eden, North Carolina.

Word out now is that he has returned north and accepted a position at Pennsylvania's Victory Brewing Company. I've been informed that Dietrich has been hired as Director of Brewing Operations.

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