Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wish I had said that

I've never tasted beers from BrewDog - they're available only on the other side of the Atlantic pond. And that is as matters ought to be: fresh beer is the best beer. One needs to taste beer close to where it's made, to taste the beer fresh.

So I quote this BrewDog review because of a tangent - its author's sharp eloquence on the broader topic of extreme beers:

When the beer geeks salivate over a brewery that concentrates on high octane beers, I'm wary. I've tasted too many imbalanced, crass brews that soar up the charts on the big beer rating websites. Thankfully, BrewDog seems to be a genuinely innovative brewery where they haven't forgotten what beer is for - drinking and enjoying.

Then, in another posting, after drinking a bottled San Diego beer, the author perorates with this neo-axiom:
a toast to good beer
Yes, it's challenging. I'm just not sure it's very nice. If discovering the world's finest brewing is like a journey, spending too much time on "extreme beers" is a bit like getting lost.

My reaction to this, not necessarily to the specific beer, but to the extreme and imperial categories is: I wish that I had said that! (Well, I have, but not in as pithy a manner: here.)

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Stonch: this beer's for you.

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