Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For September: Max's 2nd Annual German Beer Fest

Max's TapHouse in Baltimore, Maryland has announced (most of) the lineup for its 2nd annual German Beer Fest, a companion piece to the pub's successful 72 Hours of Belgium Festival.

SEPT 18-20, 2009

Maxs German Festival
From email:

Max's will be hosting our 2nd Annual German Beer Fest again this year. We have brought in some really special beers this year.

We will be featuring over 80 Authentic German beers on draft, over 70 Authentic German Beer in bottles and a full German inspired food menu.

Official Sponsor : Warsteiner

We will be offering 10 oz Sample Mugs, 1 Liter Steins, 1 Liter Boots and 2 Liter Boots.....

So here is the draft list (updated 2009.08.25)

ASR Fastenbier
ASR Helles
ASR Marzen
ASR Urbock
ASR Unfiltered Urbock
Ayinger Celebrator
Ayinger Oktoberfest
Bayer Theinheim Unfiltered Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Baynof Berliner Weisse
Bitburger Pils
Einbecker Brauherren Pils
Einbecker Heller Bock
Einbecker Mai Ur Bock
Einbecker Urbock Dunkel
Einbecker Schwartz
Erdinger Dunkel Weisse
Erdinger Oktoberfest Weizen
Erdinger Weisse
Fischer Greuth Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Fischer Grueth Rauchbier (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Franziskaner Hefeweizen
Franziskaner Dunkel Weisse
Goller Zeil am Main Pils
Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest
Hofstetten Hochzeitbier 1810 (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Hofstetten Honigs Bock
Hofstetten 1810
Hofstetten Kuebelbier
Julius Echter Hefeweizen
Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe Bonator
Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe Altfra Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Klsoterbrauerei Weissnophe Monksfest
Konings Ludwig Hefeweizen
Kostritzer Schwartz
Kostritzer Oktoberfest
Kraus Hirschaid Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Kulmbacher Pils
Kulmbacher Eisbock
Kulmbacher EKU Pils
Kulmbacher Kapuzinger Weisse
Kulmbacher Monchschof Kellerbrau
Kulmbacher Monchschof Schwartz
Kulmbacher monchschof Festbier
Leipziger Gose
Lindenbrau Grafenberg Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Lowenbrau Buttenheim Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Mahrs Brau Bamberg Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Mahrs der Weisse Bock
Mahrs Pils
Mahrs Ungespundet Lager
Paulaner Hefweizen
Paulaner Oktoberfest
Reissdorf Kolsch (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Sauer Rossdorf Unfiltered Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Schnieder Edel Weisse
Schnieder Weisse
Schnieder Aventinus
Schnieder Aventinus Eisbock
Schnieder Brooklyner Hofen
Schneider Edel Weisse (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Spaten lager
Spaten Oktoberfest
Spaten Optimator
Spaten Pils
Spezial bamberg Rauchbier (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Spezial Rauchbier
Sunner Kolsch
Uerige Dopplesticke
Uerige Classic
uerige Sticke
Uerige Weizen
Warsteiner Pils
Warsteiner Dunkel
Warsteiner Oktoberfest
Weihenstepahner Prginial
Weihenspahner Hefweizen
Weihenstaphaner Oktoerbefest
Will Schederndi Amner Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Wurzbuger Oktoberfest
Wurzbueger Pils
Zehender Monchsambach Amber Lager (poured by 'gravity' tap)
Konigs Pils
Gaffel Kolsch
Jever Pils
Heavy Seas Prosit (Cask-conditioned 'Imperial Oktoberfest')

Plus a few more TBA ... as always some beers may change do to shipping or things out of our control.

Max's Taphouse
737 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231
  • UPDATE: Coverage and photos from Saturday's festivities.
  • Go here for a report on last year's German Fest (2008) at Max's.

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